11 July 2011

Wedding coasters

photo by Emma Case

Or programmes as I liked to call them.  Turns out lots of people think they are coasters or seat markers on first sight.  Including my own Mother who as a result didn't turn them over to see the special message we'd included for our parents and so wasn't a sobbing mess before the ceremony started like some of guests.  I like to think this is down to my ingenious design but it may just be because they do look a lot like beer mats!

Prompted by yet more proof (via A Practical Wedding!!) that no-one thinks these are programmes I thought I'd better explain how they worked and how I made them.

Basically I wanted something cute and nifty that would fit in people's bags and I stumbled upon the idea of a map fold.  So using these instructions for a turkish map fold I type up our two readings and the programme for the ceremony and folded them all up.

For the cover, I wanted to keep to the simple gill sans font I'd used for everything else so just had our name, location and date on it.  For the back, I had spotted this dedication ages ago on 100 layer cake and loved it so I knew that's what would go there.

I stuck them all together and left wee piles of them under books for a day to g and that was that.  Programmes done, I was really pleased with them - definitely one of my favourite wedding diys.


Emilia Jane said...

Wow. Just wow. These are the most amazing programs I have ever seen! #APWlove :-)

Novice Wife said...

These are adorable! And instantly made me wish I had them at my wedding! Or, ooooh, a programme printed on cocktail napkins for while everyone's having first drinks? Darn it, now I have to do my wedding all over again. Just so I can have cool/useful programmes.

Kiara said...

Thanks and I know what you mean, I keep seeing cool things and wanted to come up with a reason to create more printed stuff!

Lesley said...

What a great! idea...(dang...I want to put another exclamation mark in at the end but I've already used one and I am mindful of repetition)...what the 'ell...! (Phew..world's still here) Don't know how often you check in with your blog but the reason I web-searched "Turkish Map Fold" was due to the current eBay auction on behalf of The Lunchbox Fund. Deepak Chopra has entered a book of Images and Meditations that he has folded like a Turkish map. Loving origami folds and not sure I can stump up the $750 necessary dollars to purchase this...and not having a Turkish map to hand but mindful of the issues I have folding up a regular one, I decided to check it out for myself and wa laa...oi la...voila (thanks Wiki) it led me here. Ta very much for map and pics and making me laugh at the Harry Potter pic! :-D