26 June 2011

Blurb books*

Since getting our wedding photographs from Emma I've created several blurb books with the disc of images.  A wedding album for each set of parents, a book of just the photobooth pictures and finally last month I finished off our 160 page beast of a wedding album.

Our wedding albums

I'm glad I took so long to get this done as by the time I got round to ordering it from blurb they had started doing a proline version of their books with nice linen backed covers and higher quality paper.

The proline books are all printed in Seattle so I thought it would take ages to arrive but ours came within a week of me placing the order which is pretty speedy.

parcel arrived and sitting on my desk at work
So I ordered the largest landscape size (33x28 cm) in hardback with the oatmeal linen cover which is quite a large weave and a nice texture to it.  This comes with a slip cover.

Slip cover and linen hardcover
 I'm really pleased with the book and the quality of printing and I think the colours of Emma's photographs come out really well whether b&w or colour.
Example pages
 The other good thing about this version of blurb is that you can do big double page spreads, which I love!

Example double page spread
and another one
I love having a wee photobooth one too and its amazing what you notice when you're looking at the pictures printed out rather than just on your screen.
Pages from the photobooth book
The cost of the big book was £92 but I found a discount code for 15% so it was £79 which I think is pretty good for 160 pages of photos.

*Sorry about the crap photo pictures (you can click to enlarge the fuzziness) and this is not a sponsored post I just love the blurb.


anna and the ring said...

Love it. You have inspired me to have a go. So with the proline you can have a printed slip cover and the lovely linen?

Love the idea of having a separate photobooth book!

P.S. I know this is probably weird but I adore your photos far more than my own. You just look amazing.

Kiara said...

Anna, that's so odd as I saw your photo in Easy Living last night and was saying to John how epic your wedding photos were with all the snow magicalness!

Def give blurb a go, its a bit of a time suck getting all the photos how you want but worth it :)

anna and the ring said...

A time sink indeed.

Aw, bless you but the snow really sucked!

I just desperately what your skin and delicious hair!

Kiara said...

well the skin I can take credit for along with the crap scottish climate but the hair is dyed so you too could be a redhead!

anna and the ring said...

Really? It looks so good!


(I'm too scared to do it!)

Kiara said...

Yep, my colour is c/o wella. Probably helps that it used to be that colour when I was about 3.

You should give it a go, it's scary but good!

Marty J. Christopher said...

Kiara! First of all, your books are GORGEOUS! You are so photogenic!

Second of all, you have no idea how happy I am that you posted this. I've been trying to figure out what to do with our wedding photos and I haven't been able to find an option I like. Shutterfly and other options on Picasa are good for vacation photos, but I wanted our wedding album to be special. I thought about making a beautiful tasteful "scrapbook" (but not really, more just pretty mounted photos with pretty labels in a scrapbook album), but was overwhelmed by trying to find good prints and a good album. Then I thought about using pinhole press, but I really don't like the options. I was getting to the point where I was going to ask our photographer just to make an album, even though I didn't love the albums she had (they were so big and heavy!), and I knew it was going to cost a fortune. I'm so happy you posted this! I'm totally going to use this. I love the linen cover *and* the fact that you can do double page spreads is key! Thanks for posting this!! Yay!

Kiara said...

Marty, glad you found it useful. Def give them a go, I was really pleased with the quality and its so much nicer to leaf through a proper album x